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Are you seeking a treatment that will protect a tooth compromised by fracture or decay? Perhaps you're looking for a quick, easy way to conceal cosmetic flaws such as chips and discoloration? Dental crowns not only strengthen and protect damaged teeth, but also restore their full beauty and brilliance. 

In addition to a range of cosmetic and sedation dentistry services, Dr. Danny O'Keefe of Family Dental Care provides dental crowns for patients in Jackson, Flowood, and surrounding Mississippi communities. To learn more about how crowns can improve your smile and bite, fill out our simple online contact form to schedule an appointment

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, known popularly as "caps," are a type of restoration that fully encapsulates a tooth. Crowns can be made entirely of porcelain or metal, or a combination of the two. The type of crown Dr. O'Keefe recommends in your case will depend on your unique needs and concerns. Dental crowns are highly versatile, effectively addressing a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental concerns. 

Among their many benefits, crowns: 

  • Protect and strengthen teeth compromised and weakened by decay, wear and tear, or fracture
  • Fill gaps between teeth to create a more attractive, symmetrical smile
  • Conceal cosmetic concerns including discoloration, small or significantly worn teeth, and chips and cracks

Once placed, dental crowns should be cared for in the same way you would your natural teeth. With proper oral hygiene and regularly scheduled dental appointments, crowns can last for a decade or longer.

One Hour Crowns

All-porcelain crowns are often preferred for their natural feel and ability to blend seamlessly with patients' existing teeth. Traditional porcelain crowns, however, required a minimum of two office visits and anywhere from two to four weeks before the final restoration was placed. Using our milling machine, CEREC®, we are able to work independently without the assistance of off-site dental laboratories, and create beautiful all-porcelain crowns in-office in as little as one hour. Not only does this allow us to practice same-day dentistry, but we are also able to exercise a large amount of control over the process from start to finish, encouraging consistency and adherence to the strictest standards of quality. 

Care for Special Needs Patients

An added benefit of our same-day restorations is the ability to meet the needs of our medically challenged and handicapped patients. We specialize in the treatment of special needs patients and understand the stress that accompanies multiple trips to the dentist. By offering one-hour crowns, our patients are able to get in and out of the office quickly, with fully functional restorations administered in just one visit. 

Contact Us Today

At Family Dental Care, we believe everyone deserves a smile they can be confident with, and dental crowns are just one of the ways we achieve this goal. To ensure our patients' comfort, we also offer a number of sedation dentistry options so you relax throughout every stage of treatment. To learn more about our one-hour crowns, or any of our available services, contact our office today to schedule an appointment

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