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Porcelain veneers from Family Dental Care can give your smile a near-instant transformation. These thin ceramic shells can conceal minor damage and purely cosmetic concerns, like deep stains. Our Flowood office offers a few different veneer options so patients can achieve results tailored just for them.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.560 --> 00:00:11.340 So, Veneer is done for cosmetic reasons, 00:00:11.370 --> 00:00:16.980 and it is more conservative than doing a full crown on a tooth. 00:00:17.010 --> 00:00:19.000 So we're able to say more good, healthy 00:00:19.030 --> 00:00:22.680 tooth structure, but still put some porcelain on the front 00:00:22.710 --> 00:00:27.920 if there's cosmetic changes needed, whether it's a shade problem if the teeth 00:00:27.950 --> 00:00:33.100 are dark or stains or chipped or, you know, anything along those lines. 00:00:33.130 --> 00:00:38.460 When the patient is a good candidate for a veneer, it's a much more conservative way 00:00:38.490 --> 00:00:41.500 to get a really beautiful cosmetic outcome. 00:00:41.520 --> 00:00:43.280 For those who aren't good candidates for 00:00:43.310 --> 00:00:45.960 veneers though, we always have lots of options. 00:00:45.960 --> 00:00:47.640 There are different types of veneers 00:00:47.670 --> 00:00:50.260 depending on what type of porcelain you use. 00:00:50.290 --> 00:00:52.420 There are some prepless veneers. 00:00:52.450 --> 00:00:54.600 If a person is a candidate, maybe we don't 00:00:54.630 --> 00:00:59.100 even have touch their teeth for the burr and can get a veneer on there. 00:00:59.120 --> 00:01:01.200 Not everybody's a candidate for that, but, 00:01:01.230 --> 00:01:03.900 man, if when they are, that's a great option. 00:01:03.920 --> 00:01:07.720 And then just depending on how much preparation you have to make on the tooth.

Dr. Danny O'Keefe

Family Dental Care

At Family Dental Care in Flowood, MS, Dr. Danny O'Keefe and his experienced team provide patients from throughout the greater Jackson area with superior general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. Our office is equipped with modern dental technology and we offer complete sedation services to enhance patient comfort. Dr. O'Keefe is affiliated with:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The Mississippi Dental Association
  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

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