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Dr. Claire Logan explains how Invisalign uses a series of custom-made clear aligners to straighten teeth more comfortably and subtly than braces can. Both teens and adults can benefit from this modern orthodontic option. We can even create a digital model to show you what your newly aligned smile will look like at the end of treatment.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.480 --> 00:00:09.500 Invisalign uses a series of clear trays, 00:00:09.530 --> 00:00:15.740 or clear aligners, to gradually shift a patient's teeth into alignment. 00:00:15.770 --> 00:00:21.260 You can do small mild cases with mild crowding or mild spacing. 00:00:21.290 --> 00:00:24.540 You can do bigger cases where you need larger tooth movement. 00:00:24.570 --> 00:00:28.140 There are a lot of patients that are candidates for Invisalign. 00:00:28.170 --> 00:00:31.260 We do want them to have healthy gums and 00:00:31.290 --> 00:00:34.500 healthy teeth, so we don't want there to be any cavities. 00:00:34.530 --> 00:00:37.380 They would be repaired prior to starting Invisalign. 00:00:37.410 --> 00:00:39.740 A patient of any age is a candidate. 00:00:39.770 --> 00:00:42.020 The youngest that we would start would 00:00:42.050 --> 00:00:48.180 typically be a teenager, and they can go as old as they'd like to. 00:00:48.210 --> 00:00:50.500 I have a patient right now, a 70-year-old 00:00:50.520 --> 00:00:53.740 in Invisalign, and she's doing great, and it's something she's wanted her whole 00:00:53.770 --> 00:00:57.460 life, and she's very excited that we've been able to start it recently. 00:00:57.490 --> 00:01:01.540 When a patient is ready to start Invisalign, we start by taking a series of 00:01:01.570 --> 00:01:06.290 records to analyze their bite, their teeth, and their jaw. 00:01:06.320 --> 00:01:09.290 We see the patient back after about two or three weeks. 00:01:09.320 --> 00:01:13.360 We'll review their treatment plan . Actually with Invisalign, we do have a 00:01:13.390 --> 00:01:18.900 digital model that shows what the final product will look like, our end goal. 00:01:18.930 --> 00:01:23.820 It's a range of time that any patient is in the Invisalign trays. 00:01:23.850 --> 00:01:30.540 It's dependent on their needs and is determined from a case-by-case basis, so 00:01:30.570 --> 00:01:35.380 it can be as little as two months of treatment to two years if needed. 00:01:35.410 --> 00:01:40.290 Patients who have finished Invisalign, they're very happy with their result. 00:01:40.320 --> 00:01:43.290 Most of it it has happened faster than 00:01:43.320 --> 00:01:48.570 they thought it would, and it's been a lot more simple and easy 00:01:48.600 --> 00:01:50.800 to accomplish than they thought it would be.

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