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Dental implants are the most reliable option for replacing missing teeth. The implant replaces the missing tooth roots, and it's then topped with a restoration designed to look just like a real tooth. We use advanced scanning and planning technology throughout the implant process for more precise treatment and a smoother recovery.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.280 --> 00:00:09.060 Typically a dental implant is used to 00:00:09.090 --> 00:00:13.460 replace a tooth or teeth that have been lost for whatever reason. 00:00:13.490 --> 00:00:17.500 They're typically titanium, but there are other kinds now. 00:00:17.530 --> 00:00:22.460 They've become very predictable and they've become a great option for patients 00:00:22.490 --> 00:00:25.460 to get a tooth back that they might have lost. 00:00:25.490 --> 00:00:28.380 We do place them here in the office and 00:00:28.400 --> 00:00:31.580 they don't have to go somewhere else to get that service. 00:00:31.600 --> 00:00:35.660 If we determine that a patient's a candidate for a dental implant, typically 00:00:35.680 --> 00:00:40.660 we start off with a digital scan to get some models of the patient. 00:00:40.680 --> 00:00:43.060 That allows us to design, typically, a 00:00:43.090 --> 00:00:46.540 surgical guide for the surgery f or the implant placement. 00:00:46.570 --> 00:00:49.540 We will also use our CT scan. 00:00:49.570 --> 00:00:51.940 We'll get a cone beam CT of the patient 00:00:51.970 --> 00:00:56.980 that gives us a 3D image of their jaw so that we can plan the surgery. 00:00:57.010 --> 00:01:00.140 This is how implants have become very predictable. 00:01:00.170 --> 00:01:04.770 Typically there is a healing time, depending on the site, 00:01:04.800 --> 00:01:11.100 anywhere from 3-6 months for the implant to heal. Once the implant has healed, 00:01:11.130 --> 00:01:15.460 then we place the crown on the implant and it is fully restored. 00:01:15.490 --> 00:01:17.930 When a patient chooses to have a dental 00:01:17.960 --> 00:01:23.260 implant to replace a tooth, we do consider that beneficial over other tooth 00:01:23.290 --> 00:01:27.540 replacement options, such as a bridge or a removable partial denture. 00:01:27.570 --> 00:01:30.850 If you're replacing one tooth, it's one implant, one crown. 00:01:30.880 --> 00:01:33.420 You don't have to involve the teeth next to it. 00:01:33.450 --> 00:01:35.780 After that is done and healed, the 00:01:35.810 --> 00:01:38.620 patients are very relieved to have their teeth back. 00:01:38.650 --> 00:01:40.700 They've usually regained some chewing 00:01:40.730 --> 00:01:48.100 capabilities, they can smile better, and overall, just happy to have a very stable, 00:01:48.130 --> 00:01:51.760 predictable tooth replacement option there.

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