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A dental bridge is a great choice to replace one, two, or a few missing teeth in a row. We offer both traditional bridges, which are secured to healthy adjacent teeth, and implant bridges, which are supported by dental implants. If you need an extraction to make room for your new bridge, we can perform it painlessly here at our Flowood, MS, office.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.720 --> 00:00:08.820 A dental bridge is usually something 00:00:08.850 --> 00:00:11.700 that's used to replace a tooth that's missing. 00:00:11.730 --> 00:00:13.860 For instance, if you have to replace one 00:00:13.890 --> 00:00:19.580 tooth, you use the two adjacent teeth to the space to support a bridge. 00:00:19.600 --> 00:00:25.180 It is cemented in, and it is a very nice esthetic option for a tooth replacement. 00:00:25.210 --> 00:00:28.060 A crown typically covers one tooth, 00:00:28.080 --> 00:00:32.380 whereas a bridge will cover three or more teeth. 00:00:32.410 --> 00:00:37.860 Most patients that have lost a tooth are a candidate for a dental bridge. 00:00:37.890 --> 00:00:40.700 You do have to have a tooth in the front 00:00:40.730 --> 00:00:43.820 and in the back of the space in order to support it. 00:00:43.850 --> 00:00:46.620 In most cases, when a patient comes in, 00:00:46.650 --> 00:00:51.540 they either have already had a tooth extracted that needs to be replaced, or 00:00:51.570 --> 00:00:54.700 they have a tooth that needs to be extracted. 00:00:54.730 --> 00:00:57.220 We will fabricate the permanent bridge, 00:00:57.250 --> 00:01:00.380 which is typically made from a material like zirconia. 00:01:00.410 --> 00:01:04.740 It's tooth colored and then cemented after about three weeks. 00:01:04.770 --> 00:01:11.380 The full process, from tooth preparation and extraction to final bridge being 00:01:11.410 --> 00:01:14.720 cemented, is approximately eight to nine weeks.

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At Family Dental Care in Flowood, MS, Dr. Danny O'Keefe and his experienced team provide patients from throughout the greater Jackson area with superior general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. Our office is equipped with modern dental technology and we offer complete sedation services to enhance patient comfort. Dr. O'Keefe is affiliated with:

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