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Dr. Jan O'Keefe Belote explains All-on-4®, a modern treatment method for replacing a full arch of teeth with just four implants and a denture. Dentures supported by implants offer the same biting force as natural teeth, and they look natural, too. All-on-4 allows patients with lower bone density to qualify, but if you still need a bone graft to prepare your jaw for implants, our team can perform that procedure right here at our Flowood, MS, office.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.560 --> 00:00:13.010 Well, the all on 4 concept has been an amazing option 00:00:13.040 --> 00:00:19.160 for people that have had no other option in the past besides dentures. 00:00:19.360 --> 00:00:22.720 Basically, an all on 4 is a screwed-in 00:00:22.740 --> 00:00:25.520 version, something you don't have to take in and out. 00:00:25.550 --> 00:00:27.600 If you have a denture, and you've got 00:00:27.630 --> 00:00:32.060 enough bone left still, they could put in four, maybe more implants, 00:00:32.080 --> 00:00:35.580 and have something that's screwed in that you don't ever have to take in and out. 00:00:35.610 --> 00:00:39.900 It increases the chewing forces that you have available. 00:00:39.930 --> 00:00:46.780 Dentures typically limit chewing forces to about 90% of what you have with teeth. 00:00:46.810 --> 00:00:48.960 The dental implants gets it right back up 00:00:48.990 --> 00:00:51.500 there like you're chewing with teeth again. 00:00:51.530 --> 00:00:56.540 An all on 4 is different from a traditional implant in that 00:00:56.560 --> 00:01:00.320 if you're missing one tooth, you have an implant put in and put a crown on that. 00:01:00.350 --> 00:01:03.560 Anybody that does not have enough teeth to 00:01:03.590 --> 00:01:10.600 do traditional crown and bridge on, if they need a removable appliance, whether 00:01:10.630 --> 00:01:15.280 it's a partial or a denture, and if they have enough bone, and that's 00:01:15.310 --> 00:01:19.660 the key, our surgeons can graft a good bit of bone too. 00:01:19.690 --> 00:01:22.460 If there's not enough bone left, 00:01:22.490 --> 00:01:26.850 if we can graft enough to get the implants in there, they're a candidate. 00:01:26.880 --> 00:01:31.420 The final result of all on 4 00:01:31.450 --> 00:01:35.120 looks just like your natural teeth when it's done right.

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